About the Author

Mr. Matthew Jordan Storm is a Roman History nut. If he had more time and aptitude he would have become an archaeologist or historian but now moonlights as a writer of historical fiction instead.
Mr. Storm has lived and worked in three former capitals of the Roman Empire: Rome, Milan and Istanbul – experiences that marked him, contributing greatly to his novels and fomenting his obsession for Rome on the cusp of the Dark Ages.
Mr. Storm is author of the LEGEND OF AFRICANUS trilogy – three novels of historical fiction set in the Roman Empire of Justinian the Great, fifty years after the Fall of the West:
Volume I: From Africanus
Volume II: Avenging Africanus
Volume III: Immortal Africanus
Volume II and III were just released in September 2015 and are available now in paperback and Kindle.
Mr. Storm’s novels are available on Amazon.com.​
Learn more about the Author on Goodreads.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I’m pretty sure this is my fave period also. I wrote an art history paper last semester on the Hagia Sophia which is where my interest began. Captivating history. I’ll totally check out your books!

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