Justinian’s Basilica Cistern

This is an unconventional post for me, but it’s not often that Justinian appears in popular media, so I couldn’t resist posting a link to this decent piece on the grand cistern in Istanbul known as the “Basilica Cistern” due to it’s close proximity to the Hagia Sophia (the breathtaking Church of the Holy Wisdom, Justinian’s stunning cathedral rebuilt after the prior incarnation was incinerated in the Nika Riots).

Note that while the cistern was begun during the reign of Anastasius (not Justinian as the article claims) it’s completion was nonetheless Justinian’s achievement.  For anyone who has visited it in person I’m sure you would agree that pictures can’t properly convey the majesty of this place.  For anyone heading to Istanbul, please do not visit the city without descending below the streets to get a sense of Justinian’s Constantinople.

Here is a link to the Slate article: